College Accused of Whitewashing Has 134 Whiteboards and 3 Blackboards

It’s a bad day for Michigan Technological University, a college which already draws backlash for having a student base made up of 89.7% white students.

While doing a study on the lacking diversity at the college, a student made a shocking and disturbing discovery. Out of the 137 wall-hung writing surfaces dispersed across the many classrooms on campus, 134 of them are whiteboards and only three are blackboards.

MTU apologists were quick to respond to the controversy by stating that it was completely coincidental that the campus has so many whiteboards. The university defenders also stated that it was silly to equate the color of classroom boards to human race in any way.

However, the majority of responses to the discovery do not seem to be in defense of the university. As of yesterday, more than 100 students have dropped out of the school, and rumors of lawsuits pursuing tuition reimbursement have already surfaced.

A student at the college, Nick Boynton, had this to say about the allegations: “It’s disgusting that I attended this college for two years, sitting in dozens of classrooms, and I never noticed the blatant racism that was literally right in front of my face, at the front of the classroom.”

“How can a child aspire to be something he or she doesn’t know exists for him? It is important for Black children to see positive reflections of themselves.”

Izzy Spears, Author

That reflection, in this case, is blackboards. Imagine being the one black student in a classroom. You look around and not only are all the students white, but the board at the front of the room is white too.

MTU has yet to comment on this controversy.

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