10 Reasons Why I’m Thankful For My Wife’s Boyfriend

When my wife broke the news to me that she had a boyfriend, I was initially very jealous. She is my wife after all. But after meeting Nick (The boyfriend), I actually learned to really appreciate him.

Without further ado, here are ten reasons I’m thankful for my Wife’s boyfriend:

  1. He bought me a new bed. Yes, really, a whole new bed. And he put it in our spare room so that I’d have somewhere to sleep when he’s having sleepovers with my wife. Here I was thinking I was going to be roughing it on the couch and then Nick surprises me! Awesome!
  2. He lets me sleep in my wife’s bed every Friday now! After telling Nick I wasn’t a fan of the fact that he got every night with my wife while I was stuck in the spare room, he was super understanding and we agreed that I would get every Friday night! 
  3. He bought me a PS5! When I pointed out that none of the guys at my work’s wives’ have boyfriends to Nick, he didn’t give me a straight answer, but then the next day he surprised me with a brand new PS5!
  4. My wife is in a way better mood lately. My wife was never necessarily depressed, but before Nick came into our lives, she definitely had some somber days. Now I get to see her beautiful smile every single day. I love that.
  5. He let me join his family plan on Spotify. That’s 10 dollars a month I save now. Thanks, Nick!
  6. He’s a good cook. Sometimes he makes romantic dinners for himself and my wife. I’m not necessarily invited but if there’s leftovers, I’m allowed to have some and it’s always delicious.
  7. He let me watch one of the sex tapes he made with my wife. He also said he’d think about letting me watch in person!
  8. He made me feel better about my penis being smaller than his. After watching Nick’s sex tape with my wife, I mentioned that I wished my penis was as big as his. Nick assured me that penises come in all shapes and sizes and it was nothing to worry about.
  9. He’s blessing me with a child! My wife was never able to get pregnant with me but now that Nick is in our lives, she just found out she’s pregnant. We aren’t positive who the father is, but Nick said I can raise it as my own regardless.
  10. He taught me how to love myself again. Now that the burden of pleasing my wife mentally, romantically, and sexually is off my shoulders, I’ve been able to focus on making myself happy. Nick coming into my life, and wife, has been the best thing that ever happened to me.

    Thank you, Nick!

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