Lost 1993 Power Rangers Episode Reveals Tommy Canonically Had Syphilis

A lost episode from 1993’s Mighty Morphin Power Rangers television series recently was leaked online from an anonymous source. The episode has a very unique plot.

The episode plot revolves around the Green Power Ranger, Tommy’s (Jason David Frank) battle with the sexually transmitted infection, Syphilis.

The episode opens with Zordon talking to the Rangers about the importance of safe sex (a topic that is a bit more mature than anything Power Rangers had previously tackled) when Tommy admits that he hasn’t always been “safe” and that during his time under an evil enchantment by the witch Rita Repulsa, he had met many women and done many things he wasn’t proud of.

This revelation prompts Zordon to utter a line that has already become a fan favorite since the episode’s leak: “Alpha, run a syphilis scan on Tommy.”

Zordon quote image from reddit.com

Alpha scans Tommy and after the usual “AI-YI-YI,” Alpha reveals that Tommy has indeed tested positive for syphilis. Tommy is distraught by the discovery and the other Rangers tell him they are here if he needs anything.

Zordon explains that this is a perfect example of why a condom is necessary for sexual intercourse. Zack, the Black Ranger, tells Zordon that he heard sex feels better without one. Zordon replies, explaining that ten thousand years ago, when he had a corporeal penis, condoms didn’t exist. Therefore, Zordon couldn’t say from experience if it felt any different. However, he knew that no matter how different it felt, it was worth it to avoid sexually transmitted infections. The Rangers agree and vow to always use protection from here on out.

The episode continues on fairly normally with an attack from Lord Zedd which is stopped by the Rangers working together. Tommy states toward the end of the episode that he visited his doctor and got prescribed some penicillin, and that infection was starting to clear up.

It’s unclear why Fox Kids decided not to air the episode back in 1993, but some speculate that it has to do with the sexual themes that were absent in the rest of the show.

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