New Hampshire State IDs Now Required to Display Whether a Person is Circumcised

Another bill passed by NH lawmakers this Wednesday continues a series of changes to the state’s driver licenses and IDs, the last change being from July of 2019, where the option for “X” gender was added.

This new bill is a bit different than the prior, however. Rather than being an optional addition to allow NH citizens more freedom in what goes on their ID, this new bill forces male New Hampshirites to display whether they are circumcised or uncircumcised.

Official image of the new sample ID from

The bill has been met with both positive and negative responses from the public. On the positive side, authorities are citing this change as something that could be potentially helpful to a criminal investigation. Officer Nick Boynton of the Keene, NH Police Department had this to say, “If a criminal loses their ID at a crime scene, we’ll now have some sort of idea what their penis looks like. As a last resort, we could start removing pants from suspected perpetrators to narrow down what we’re looking for. Penial Forensics could be the future of crime solving.”

The negative end of public feedback cites invasion of privacy.

The bill seems to be popular among New Hampshire women. An anonymous woman wrote in to Sauce Time saying this, “I love it. I wanna know upfront if a guy I’m going on a date with has his dick cut. No foreskin, no second date. I don’t mess around with those desensitized-mushroom-head-ass-uncovered dicks. Now I can just check his ID to make sure he has his foreskin. Best thing that ever happened to me.”

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