Child Dying From Cancer Last Wish Is For Mark Zuckerberg To Kill Him

Eleven-year-old Nick Boynton has been battling cancer for over a year now and his doctors say the end is near. Boynton’s parents reached out to the Make-A-Wish Foundation, who promptly sent an agent over to interview young Nick.

When the agent asked Boynton what his wish would be, he replied “I want Mark Zuckerberg to do it.”

“Do what?” the agent replied. “I want Mark Zuckerberg to be the one to kill me. Not cancer.” Boynton stated firmly.

Make-A-Wish tried to explain to young Nick that his request was an unusual, however Boynton continued to further explain his wish. “I don’t really care how he does it. He can suffocate me, shoot me, slit my neck. Honestly, it’s up to him. As long as he’s the one who does it. ” Boynton explained further. “I know lethal injection would probably be the cleanest and easiest for him, but I heard that’s expensive. I don’t need expensive things. I just need Mark Zuckerberg to kill me.”

When asked where this wish came from, Boynton replied, “I can either die slowly from cancer, or quickly by the hand of internet-entrepreneur Mark Zuckerberg. Seems like a no-brainer.”

SauceTime reached out to Zuckerberg for a comment and received no reply.

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