Paris Uses Donations to Build Hooters in Spot Opened Up by Notre Dame’s Destruction

The famous Notre Dame de Paris, which was destroyed on April 15th, 2019 in a fire which burned for 15 hours, quickly amassed over a billion dollars in donations in just the first two days following it’s destruction.

The French government wasted no time with these generous donations. On April 18th, government contractors were sent in to demolish what was left standing of the medieval catholic cathedral and began building what was soon revealed to be none other than a new Hooters restaurant!

The French Prime Minister released a statement about the project this morning as the building is nearing completion.

“Times are changing. And we need to change with them. People don’t care about old dusty buildings. People care about food and boobs. And that’s what I’m going to give them.”

French Prime Minister

While many locals are sad to see the historical land mark go, they’re equally happy to have a Hooters within driving distance of their home.

One local resident had this to say: “I’ll miss seeing that wooden spire but I’m gonna love seeing boobs and hot wings. Thank God for that fire.”

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