Marvel Confirms Next Avengers Movie Will Have 36 Hour Run Time With No Intermission

Earlier today, Marvel Cinematic Universe Executive Producer, Kevin Feige, released a statement announcing that the next Avengers title after 2019’s “Endgame” will feature a 36 hour run time with no intermission.

“After the first couple Avengers movies, we started noticing a pattern in fan response. We were constantly hearing things along the lines of ‘The movie was good but, it was way too short to have that many characters in it.'” Feige explained. “So, when we started writing Endgame, we decided to shoot for three hours rather than the traditional two. We weren’t sure how people were gonna react when we announced it but, ultimately, people went nuts. They loved it.” Here, Feige is referring to the positive response from fans when they heard Endgame was going to be a longer film. What came next seems only natural.

“When it came time start writing the next one, we basically said fuck it. Longer the better. As of right now, the screen play is sitting at about 36 hours and we have no plans to trim it down.”

This is big news for not only Marvel but, film history in general. This will be the first film that’s longer than one Earth rotation and hasn’t been split into multiple parts.

When asked about bathroom breaks, Feige replied, “They’re gonna have to hold it. If they miss anything, they’ll have to buy another ticket and see it again.”

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