Despite Being Only 13% of the Population, Asians Do 50% of All Math

Recent world censuses have come back to sadly prove an age-old stereotype. Despite making up only 13% of the population, Asian people do 50% of all math.

Everyone has heard the rumor that Asians are naturally better at math than other races, but until now, this was nothing but a racist stereotype. This year, a group of progressive individuals came together and formed a group called S.A.E. (Stupid Asians Exist), with the goal of disproving this famous stereotype by compiling world census data and studying random samples of Asians and their math habits.

S.A.E. admitted they were off to a rough start when all of their founding members were Asians who were good at math. But, nonetheless, they persevered.

Earlier today, S.A.E. called a press conference with their heads hung in shame to announce the stereotype could not be proved false. In fact, in their efforts, they had proved it true.

Looking forward, S.A.E plans to reform into S.A.A.H. (Some Asians Are Hung), a group looking to disprove the stereotype that Asians have small penises. While many are wishing the group luck in their endeavors, not many are hopeful that their second study will yield any positive results.

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