Lucasfilm Announces That In Addition To Flying, Leia Will Now Have Heat Vision

Lucasfilm President, Kathleen Kennedy, confirmed earlier today during an interview that General Leia Organa-Solo, late Carrie Fisher’s beloved character in the Star Wars universe, will gain some new exciting abilities in the upcoming Star Wars Episode 9. On top of her ability to fly, which was revealed in 2017’s The Last Jedi, Leia will now have heat vision, the ability to produce laser beams from one’s eyes.

Kathleen Kennedy (right) and Carrie Fisher (middle) with costars Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford

Kennedy also announced that Leia’s powers won’t stop there, going into detail about powers such as super strength and super speed.

“After fans complained about The Force Awakens being unoriginal, we wanted to come up with the most original idea we could.” Kennedy stated. “Nothing seemed more original than a character who’s home planet was destroyed when they were young and have since been fighting evil with the powers they gain from a yellow sun.”

When asked if these new powers would make Leia overpowered Kennedy replied, “We thought of that. Ultimately, we decided to give her a weakness. She feels sick when she is exposed to green Lightsaber crystals.”

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